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Our collection of men’s moccasins

Although their roots lie centuries back with the original inhabitants of North America, contemporary versions of »Native American shoes« remain quite popular to this day. The modern men’s moccasins in our »Italian Line« are of unmatched quality, and are significantly more suitable for everyday wear than their predecessors. Featuring a separate insole and outsole, they are the perfect leisure and summer shoes for the city dwellers of today.

From Native American classic to beloved summer shoe

The moccasin is generally considered one of the oldest types of shoes in human history, and traditionally does without a heel. The Native Americans were the first to make this soft leather slip-on shoe famous. Over time, different varieties of this leather shoe emerged as their wearers adapted to various climatic conditions. While sub-Arctic tribes created moccasins with a U-shaped vamp insert and shaft tube for hunting in the snow, the Sioux and Iroquois at the south of the continent wore simple moccasins with a central seam across the arch of the foot.

Moccasins were originally made from two pieces of leather taken from the elk, caribou, deer, or buffalo. The larger of the two pieces was used to form the shaft of the shoe, while the smaller served as the upper, held in place by a crimped seam. The shaft extended along the bottom of the foot, rising to meet the toe. These shoes did not feature a separate insole or outsole. Moccasins constructed this way let their wearers sneak quietly through the woods and easily stand upright in canoes. However, they were not in the least durable—reserves always had to be kept in stock.

English settlers discovered moccasins in the 17th century, when they began exporting these comfortable, classic Native American shoes to Europe. Unfortunately, these shoes proved to be highly uncomfortable outside of the woods and off the steppe. As a result, moccasins underwent a number of necessary modifications over the years.

Driving shoes from our »Italian Line«—Lightweight Italian style for the summer

We rely on traditional Tuscan handicraft to make the men’s moccasins in our collection. Our »Italian Line« consists of dynamic, elegant designs, all of which are assembled in Italy using light, moccasin shoe construction. Created from the finest European leathers, our moccasins for men are meticulously crafted by master shoemakers, who transform these beloved slip-on shoes into simply dreamy footwear.

Last but not least, the extraordinary quality of our men’s moccasins lies in their meticulously detailed construction. In addition to a separate protective insole made of the finest calfskin, these models feature a separate leather outsole that ensures a stylish, comfortable look and feel. Moreover, numerous rubber nubs integrated into the outsole elevate the traction of these lightweight leisure shoes while protecting the heel from rapid deterioration. Our men's moccasins are the perfect choice for when you are behind the steering wheel—this is because the rubber nubs along their outsoles ensure a perfect grip on car pedals. Fittingly, moccasins featuring these nubs are commonly referred to as »driving shoes«. The »Italian Line« from provides lightweight Italian style for the warm months of the year.