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Men's High Quality Socks

Tasteful men’s socks are an essential component of a stylish wardrobe. Though often neglected, socks can stylishly elevate an appearance or, when poorly selected, completely ruin one. Sock colour, material, and type should under no circumstances be left to chance.

Our Collection of Men’s Boots

At the beginning of the 19th century, boots became an indispensable part of every man’s footlocker. Whether elegant or youthful in style, they make a great alternative to normal shoes.

Socks are popular since the 19th century

In the 19th century long trousers dominated men’s wardrobes making boots an indispensable companion at that time. They first became truly popular, when George “Beau” Brummel wore them in around 1820. Brummel combined an elegant suit with so-called “bottines” in a look that would endure for centuries.

An ankle-high vamp of around 20 cm typically characterises a boot. Furthermore, boots are equipped with a double leather sole, while the outsole is crafted from a water-resistant material. Boots are the ideal choice for inclement weather in the city or the country. But they should be carefully selected on formal occasions, lest you break any style rule. Only high quality men’s boots, equipped with a simple leather sole, are truly acceptable for a business suit.

Wild and sportive: Chelsea & Jodhpur Boots

The focus of our Boot Collection is set on the Chelsea Boot and the Jodhpur. Chelsea Boots boast a plain ankle-high vamp with comfortable elastic bands on both sides. The design radiates a youthful and wild sensibility, located somewhere between dandyism and the avant-garde. Nonetheless, these men’s shoes are appropriate for every style-conscious gentleman, both young and old. Chelsea Boots looks great in the office and complement suits perfectly. You can also wear them in more formal settings or in your free time, too.

Jodhpur Boots meanwhile were originally Indian half-boots for riding. Typically, one leather strip stitched to the vamp runs around the ankle to provide a more steady hold. These men’s shoes radiate a sportive elegance and match Jodhpur trousers perfectly. These boots are also high-quality business shoes, though – wear them with a suit for the office or in casual settings.

Goodyear-welted boots are extremely durable

All of our boots are handmade using traditional methods and Goodyear-welted. That makes ours steady, breathable, durable and easily to resole. Produced with painstaking care by a Spanish manufacturer, just one of our classic men’s shoes is made of 65 separate parts. In all, around 210 skilled operations are used to craft each of our extraordinary men’s shoes. Only high-grade materials are used for the shoe manufacturing, which guarantees the highest quality.

At, we cooperate directly with shoe manufacturers to offer the most efficient supply possible. By cutting out the middle man, we can make sure to pass savings on directly to our customers. All in all, we offer an incomparably fair price for Goodyear-welted classic men’s boots.

Great quality with a high leather content

High-grade men’s shoes are defined by the individual leather content. All of our men’s shoes boast a leather upper and an insole. Both inner linings and outsole are crafted from finest Italian leather and feature the sophisticated benefits like breathability, smoothness and a beautiful appearance. Timeless and understated, you can wear these shoes all day long in true comfort, from workday to weekend.

To compliment the extraordinary elegance of our men's shoes, we supply them in a premium package: A simple black box encloses one pair of our men's footwear. In addition, we send each customer a set of spare shoelaces, one shoe bag, which offers protection against dirt and scratches, and a brief guide with helpful shoe-care advice. If properly cared for, our shoes will remain looking great, year after year and sometimes even for decades.