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Suede Protector
Suede and nubuck are premium types of rough leather. Both require proper care to remain in mint condition. Use the Shoeboys suede protector to nourish and protect your precious rough leather. As an added bonus, this product also revives shoe colour. more Details
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Simple rough leather care

Suede and nubuck, the two classic types of rough leather, are traditionally made from calf, cow, or goat hide. To make the leather, the hides are sanded down on the flesh (inner) side. These kinds of leather are typically made from hides that are slightly damaged on the grain side, since after processing this damage is no longer visible. Suede and nubuck are extremely soft and supple varieties of rough leather. Make sure to only wear your suede or nubuck shoes in dry weather—this makes it much easier to keep them in good condition. If they do end up getting wet, however, you can use the Shoeboys suede protector to whip them back into shape.

Rough leather care begins with regular brushing

Suede and nubuck are far more porous than other kinds of leather, and consequently far more absorbent. They are particularly vulnerable to moisture and dirt; particles seep into the pores, integrating into the leather over time. This damages the look and feel of the leather, making it shabby and brittle. Proper suede and nubuck care begins with regularly brushing after every wear. This is the best way to remove dust and dirt, and prevent them from accumulating. Follow this up with the Shoeboys suede protector, the perfect supplement to rough leather care. This product features a sponge applicator for extremely precise application. The suede protector nourishes suede and nubuck, protects it from further damage, and revives its colour. Use this liquid to moisten the surface of your suede or nubuck shoes, taking care not to soak them thoroughly. Gently dab the suede protector onto your shoes for even distribution. Shake the bottle well before each use.

Suitable for all kinds of rough leather

After applying the suede protector to your suede or nubuck shoes and allowing them to completely dry, you need to restore the nap of the uppers. To do so, brush the shoes with a crepe rubber brush. You can also use a suede rubber stain eraser to fight any greasy stains. The suede protector comes in a 75ml stick with a sponge applicator. In addition to a transparent option, it is available in the colours black, green, red, dark brown, dark blue, blue, brown, and taupe. The suede protector is suitable for all kinds of rough leather, as well as textiles and membranous synthetic materials.

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