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Shoe Stretcher
This shoe stretcher spares you the tiring breaking-in process typically required by a new pair of shoes. It also provides relief by expanding tight spots—left untreated, these pinching points can cause corns. Simply place the shoe widener into the shoe and tighten it. Includes three separate stretching fixtures. more Details
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Shoe stretcher to help widen shoes

New shoes always feel a bit stiff at first; the leather needs time to mould to the shape of the foot. During the breaking-in phase, parts of the shoe may pinch the foot, causing the wearer significant discomfort. If this pinching persists after the shoes have been broken in, the wearer need not give up and purchase a new pair of shoes. Use this shoe stretcher to do away with the need for a breaking-in phase and expand tight spots.

Shoe stretcher spreads and widens shoes

This shoe stretcher, which could also be called a shoe widener, is a large piece of wood corresponding in shape to the front of the shoe. Simply insert the shoe stretcher into the shoe and, using its screw thread, expand the wood at the front to stretch the front of the shoe. More precisely, turn the plastic handle attached at the metal end of the shoe stretcher clockwise. For ideal results, spray the spots on the leather that are to be stretched with shoe stretcher spray before inserting the shoe stretcher. Afterwards simply insert the shoe stretcher into the shoe and expand it by turning the screw thread. Stop turning the screw as soon as you feel strong resistance. Failure to do so could lead the shoe stretcher to become too tightly wound, which in turn might damage the shoe. After an hour or two slightly retighten the shoe stretcher, then leave it inside the shoe for at least 24 hours. Finally, remove the shoe stretcher with care. Gradually reduce tension in order to prevent the shoe stretcher and the shoe from becoming damaged.

Shoe stretcher with separate stretching fixtures

This shoe stretcher features three separate stretching fixtures to control degrees of stretching or widening. When shoes pinch the foot at the big or small toes, corns may form—controlled stretching fights this problem. Insert the stretching fixtures into the designated slots and use the shoe stretcher as normal. The shoe stretcher is available in three sizes, corresponding to the shoe sizes 38-40, 41-43 and 44-46.

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