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Burgol Leather Sole Protector doubles the life of the sole. Leather soles of shoes are exposed to moisture, wetness and, in winter, road salt and grit and can quickly become brittle. Burgol's leather sole oil helps to prevent premature wear. It saturates the leather, reduces abrasion and leads to greater water repellency, while the leather of the outsole does not receive any fatliquoring agents to increase its softness during leather production. And why? The sole should remain extremely resistant. But leather is a natural material and needs to be nourished - leather soles are no different. Burgol leather sole oil is made exclusively from natural oils and fats that are based on the pH value of vegetable-tanned leather outsoles.Burgol leather sole oil doubles the life of the leather soleIn addition to increasing the hydrophobicity of the outsole leather, the leather sole oil above all maintains the bending elasticity of the shoe bottom. At the same time, the important cross-linking of the tanning agent with the leather fibres is retained with this high-quality leather sole oil. Friction and wear of the sole is also minimised to half of the original value by the oil molecules binding to the collagen fibres. Using Burgol leather sole oil doubles the life of the leather sole. This has been confirmed by an expert report from the German Leather Institute. An ordinary leather oil is usually designed for chrome leather and is therefore completely unsuitable for a leather sole, as it shifts the pH value of the sole, which loosens the tanning agents and reduces the service life of the leather sole. Many oils are also not stable in the long term. They break down acids and thus wear down the leather. The long-term stability of Burgol leather sole oil is guaranteed by the required saponification and iodine content. Leather sole oil is easy to useThe application of leather sole oil is very simple, but there are a few important points to bear in mind: Before applying leather sole oil for the first time, the leather sole should be broken in a little. It roughens and thickens. Six weeks is a good guideline. The leather sole oil is then best applied to the compacted and roughened leather sole with a brush until it is saturated. The direct sole edge area should be avoided in order to prevent staining of the upper leather. The treated shoes are then best left to dry lying on their sides on a plastic bag. After a further six months or so, treat the soles again with the leather sole oil and do not use leather sole oil on glued soles. Burgol leather sole oil should not be used on glued soles, as the oil could damage the glued joints, nor should the leather sole oil be applied to the upper leather of the shoes or clothing, as these stains can no longer be removed.

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